Why Storytelling Matters

I’ve never paid much attention on how much value Storytelling adds on my daily job, neither on my personal life when with my 3 year old, until this last February during a  Storytelling class at Stanford. Because of that, I got told by a colleague that I´m a good teller. As a result I decided to write about it.

Some of the notable reasons  I do use it on my plots, presentations are because it helps to create connections with people, Attracts your audience attention, and its a platform to build trust.

Because of that, Storytelling, like mathematics else requires practice, a lot of it. As a result I’ve obtained better results on my pitches, and being even more effective with building trust and enabling relationships.

What a good Story must have?

  • A Challenge – what is the problem
  • A Choice – what you have done
  • An Outcome – what`s the result


And what I can share that would help you to improve storytelling?

  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Give your audience what matters. Before selecting a story to a given audience, research about then.
  • Have some one size fits all stories. Based on your daily job select some that will work with your boss, your team, and externally if you handle customers.


Are you storyteller superstar?

Disclaimer: I work for HP. The views, opinions, and thoughts expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

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